Free Crochet Doll Patterns (NEW)

Free crochet patterns to create beautiful little dolls. For those who love to make handmade gifts for themselves and loved ones, create stunning little crochet dolls with these free patterns.

You will never be bored with the wide range of free crochet doll patterns on offer, make ragdolls, amigurumi dolls, mermaids, cute baby dolls, stunning doll’s clothes to crochet and more. We are constantly updating as new patterns become available ensuring the best resource for crochet doll patterns on the internet.

We all love a great collection of free crochet doll patterns! They are so much fun to make, to give and to receive. The joy and the sparkles in the eyes of the little recipients are priceless and does’n matter if the pattern is easy, simple or complicated is always worth it to crochet a baby doll.

Crochet doll patterns are a unique way to give someone a homemade gift they’ll love. Instead of buying a stuffed animal or toy at the store, why not make your own? Crochet dolls and amigurumi patterns are small and easy to make – simply use the single crochet and work in the round!

Some patterns might require light seaming and sewing if you have arms and legs or ears to attach, but this can easily be done with a handy yarn needle.


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