How to make Mala Beads

Recently, mala beads are not only used in prayers or meditation, but also for fashion or other personal purposes. But if you want to know, each kind of mala beads material has its meaning. Due to this different meaning, you can make it by yourself.

We will guide you on how to make mala beads according to the purpose that you want. It is not difficult to make. The first thing of all is to know the meaning of purpose of the mala beads that you are going to make. You can choose between for prayers, meditation or fashionable accessories. The good thing is that you can make the three simultaneously by yourself.



It has been mentioned that you need to decide which meaning you want to put on your future handmade mala bead. If you haven’t decided, try these things like the important part of how to make mala beads.

In this preparation, you will need to choose the type of the gemstones or woods. For a prayer or meditation tools, you can use wood or some seeds. For an accessory that could express love and kindness, you can choose rose quartz as the gemstones.

Prepare 108 beads with similar size and the one with a slightly bigger as the guru bead. If you want to separate the beads in particular number, you can use three different beads as the marker. The last, you will need the string. Some additional tools are like glue and scissor.

For another purpose, you can use a different number of the beads, such as 54, 27 or 18. Probably 18 will be okay for a necklace.

Make it real! First, gather your beads. If you don’t want to use the separator, you should just keep gather it with the string. If you use it, try separating each 36 beads continuously until it reaches the guru beads. Cut the rest string and tie it. For a final touch, you can add another thing to make it prettier.

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