The Real Mala Beads Meaning

Mala beads meaning has been becoming an interesting topic since many people use it, even those who aren’t religious. It has own philosophical meaning and could be different meaning according to several opinions and theories. But here, we will try to figure it out its meaning from two perspectives; they are from religious and self-meditation perspective. The religious one will be taken more from the history. Below is the explanation.

Religious perspective

In this perspective, the definition of mala beads will be explained from Buddhist and Hindu perspective. It said that Mala is the tool for counting mantras during the prayer. Not only mantras but also to recite the name(s) of the deity that they believe about it. It helps much the users on their prayers.

In Hindu, most people use the 108 mala beads. The number has its philosophical meaning. According to the Hindu, the 108 means the whole universe. So basically it leads us to remember and think about the universe in a larger mind. Not only the number meaning but also the material of the Mala has its meaning. They use to make it using the seed of Rudraksha. Which according to many people, it’s sacred. The other material such as particular wood also has its meaning.

Meditation perspective

The meaning taken from meditation perspective isn’t much deep as the religious one because mala has been used in a spiritual process for centuries. Some people use mala beads for meditation or yoga because they believe that Mala will help their focus or just to concentrate. Many people also have proved that it works for their inner self-development or intentions. It helps much to reduce the stress inside your mind when you are doing meditation.

Apart from both perspectives, the usage of mala beads nowadays as fashion accessories also probably has a meaning according to the individual. But historically, Mala beads meaning has a significant one for prayers and meditation process.

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